Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Denise Milani Boob Slip

film criticism I

start a new section of the blog, cinema!
And we start with two movies that have won a bit 'Oscar of 2011.

Given that they are not an expert on film, but rather a fruitrice passive distinguish a film that I only know that I like one I do not like, but I have no idea of \u200b\u200btechnical terms, directing lights etc, and that these comments are absolutely personal circumstances tuttto this, and if you trust,
go see 'The speech the king ', beautiful (5 Oscars),
not go to see' Black Swan ', (1 oscar) awesome in the literal sense of the word.

would be enough, but if you want to tell you even the reasons ;-)

The first is a pleasant film, not a masterpiece, but the actors are really good, arouse sympathy and empathy, Helena Bonham Carter is a force, and the poor prince who did not want to be king is really human. Too bad seeing it in translation, I am told that in the original language is very funny.

The second, after a beginning that seems reasonable, starting with the psychosis of the protagonist, a wild unleashed competitive and uncertain, to visions of mad anorexic, you combine scenes from horror schifido.
The dance itself is presented as a kind of cake, with the butchered arts practice self-inflicted.
mean crap.

A more detailed comment on the technical and artistic can be found here .
hope at least that 'I'm good for Portman filmaccio ports and its beautiful dancer!

In conclusion, the confirmation of something we already knew: the Yanquis do not understand a lot of movies, but a lot of business, and the Oscars are often in bad movies (see the horrid Titanic) but superpubblicizzati and sponsored.


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